Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Amos reflection

One of the things I was pleased about last term was my behavior.
In my report I got good for work habits and behavior.I felt all right about my report but I knew I could do better than that !

One of the things I want to improve in is my art.
When I got my report I got 1 /12.I felt sad about my self.but I new I could do better than that.

During term one I did all right.One of the things that was detracting me is that I was siting with my friends and not getting a lot of work done.This term I am going to stay focused in my work and try my hardest to get a lot of work done and get expectations in my report.
this is my report

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  1. Hey Amos
    What a great post about your report last term!! I reckon that you would so awsome in art and and do even better in your behavior. It's good to know that your sitting away from your friends. Keep up the great work Amos



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