Monday, November 26, 2012

Exaggerating Bush Walk

"Incredible"what such heavy rain,it was as if the hail was bebe gun bullets just shooting at me.  Before it started raining it was sunny and beautiful.  Me and my Family were supposed to go for a family walk through a bush walk to enjoy a picnic.  While we were there we were getting a little frustrated because my mum had just realised that we took the wrong turn,I was getting scared as we were walking with no cover and getting socked with water I had no idea where we were so we decided to walk back BUT  as we turned around we realised my brother had been lost because he was not with us,OH NO.  I was extremely worried for my brother and so was my Mother.  My Mum had nearly got to the point when she was just going to BURST, berserk.  

Me and my mum were asking everyone who passed us, (have you seen a little boy with a blue jacket) and all of these answers were NO.  Then now was when we needed to get the police involved.  My mum had reached into her pocket to call the police but she did not have her phone,so here we were stuck right in the middle of a forest lost as bats and can not find my little brother.  So we wandered off into all the trees and bushes Yelling his name "COWAN",wait I thought I had heard a voice come from the east saying I'M OVER HERE,we headed towards the voice and yes it was him my brother was screaming for help.  Me and my mum sprinted to where we could see my brother.  He had been caught on a old trap that had looked like it been set for catching animals it was unbelieveable.  Once we got him out of the trap we followed a person who looked like he knows his way in this bush,we could see the roads and our car again yaaay we had made it out of this bush it was a huge relief because I never thought we would make out but we did yippy.