Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Room 22 birthday month...

What i have found out about the birthday mouths is that fore students birthdays are on June.And the less amount of students birthdays are on Jan,Feb,Mar,July,Aug,November and December.Most of them had the same birthday mouths like February,March,April,May. We have all different birthday months and it is weird but that is life. I had fun making graphs.

Room 22 votes for Friday lunch

Ms Tito said that she would cook us lunch if we had found out the investigation. The investigation was about what Ms T was going to cook for Fridays lunch. We found out that the most voted was Nachos and the less is Curry and kumara. Some of the votes had the same amount of like taro with chop suey and Fry bread. They both have 22 votes. This investigation was so much fun and I can not wait until we eat our nachos.