Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thinking Problem

Yesterday morning Room 22 had to get into groups of 3 to solve a thinking problem. Miss T gave us five objects to solve our problem and our objects were a fishing rod, fishing hook, pin, peg and reel of cotton. What we had to solve with our objects was we had to make the best birthday ever. It was really difficult because we hardly had any useful objects to use for the best birthday ever. So we tried our best to make the best birthday in the world. So what we did was we attached the hook to the fishing rod and caught a big fish and then we got the real of cotton to make a t-shirt for the fish and hanged the fish with the peg. But sadly we did not solve the problem so we failed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How I felt on the last Day of school

“Yeeeees”I said with enjoyment. I cant believe that it is the last week of school. The term has gone very fast. I have enjoyed the last week of school I feel great being in the production witch was Webzidazical, Don’t get caught. But the production practice has nearly taken up all our work time during class, but I think it is alright for me.

During the last week of school the non production people had been moved all over the place so it has been a bit of a muck up for them. But all I have to say about my self during this week is that I have really enjoyed my self and I will have a good week.

This week was the best week of school for me so far and I thank my teacher for giving this week to us.