Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Ohhhhhhhh" I said with sadness. Mrs Richards is leaving. Who is Mrs Richards you may ask? Mrs Richards is in my class,Room 22 she is studying to become a teacher. She has been in Room 22 for about 6 weeks. And she has been teaching us for the last 2 weeks. I really enjoyed having her in our class

I enjoyed listening to all of her story's she had been telling us,it was really interesting to hear a lot of facts about her self and her culture.

On the last day Mrs Richards was here, her and some of the students in the class cooked a feed for Room 22 to celebrate her last day in our class. The food was really appreciated and nice (=

Monday, September 5, 2011

7's Champions

"Woooow"I shouted with excitement. Our boys are the champions in New Zealand. Last week our 7's rugby team went to Tauranga to represent our rugby 7s competition. They had to challenge 32 teams to be the best in New Zealand.

I felt worried about the boys because there were a few strong sides down at Tauranga challenging them. But when Ms Va'afusuaga had told the staff that they had been wining their games I was sure of them being the top of New Zealand.

My instincts were right because our team had won all there games. I could not believe it that is such incredible news to hear, I was so blown away.

I am very grateful for the boys because they put a lot of effort in and making our school proud. "WELL DONE BOYS".