Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kiwi Kick

Woooow,that was amazing.  Last week on Thursday we went out to practise some skills for kiwi kick.  One of the skills that I was really good at was the punt kick,we had to also try to punt kick the ball with our left foot,it was really difficult for me.

Once we had finished practicing all the kiwi kick skills we had a little game,what we had to do was to try tag someone and once you have tagged them they must sit down and wait for whoever tagged you to get tagged,when he/she has been tagged you will be able to get back up again and go around tagging more people.


  1. Hey Amos ,

    Nice writing. I like how you did a hook so people can be interested. Kicking with your left , that would be so difficult .

    You must had a fun time.
    Keep up Your superb writing.

    1. Thanks lepa I hope you would of had a fun time at kiwi kick last week as well.

      Your mate Amos.
      Keep up the awesome commenting.

  2. Hey Amos nice writing you've got there you must of had heeps of fun.


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