Friday, August 31, 2012

A very Muddy Cross Country!!

“Wow” what a day.  On a very sunny friday we had gone out for cross country but a very muddy cross country as well.  

So here I am waiting for the right moment “Boom” went the clappers off we went the (12 year old boys left off with a light jog down and around the field.

My leg muscles were aching as we reached half way, I was physically drained of energy.  I was really tempted to stop off  and start to walk, but with the little bit of energy I had left I persevered.  Suddenly I was hit with this sudden burst of energy, I made a quick burst of sprinting energy it was as if I was “FLASH

Every step I took it was just mud, all squishy and gooey.  I could barely make it through the mud squish squish squish, my shoes were covered and soaked by the thick boggy goo.  My skin was coated in the brown gooey mush!

My feet was just getting heavier and heavier I could hardly resist it but I managed to hold on,my legs and my feet were burning I was really struggling for air I kept putting one foot in front of the other I was getting closer and closer.  Just a moment away from the finish line “YEA” here I am running and running for the finish line,yes I have done it.  I was exhausted woow I had just let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Phew, I’m glad it is now over! I said.  So I had left to have a very long drink and catch up on my breath and I looked down at my shoes and they had been covered and socked in mushy,kushy “MUD”!!

Well my highlight for this Cross country Muddy Day is that I had achieved my goal and made into the school interzones which is the top 9 but my goal is to make it in between 5th or 1st place which I came 5th place yippee so I am glad that i've done it.

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